Book Review: Let's Peep Into The Insect World

Book: Let's Peep Into The Insect World

Author:  Katie Bagli

“The  Emerald Moth  caterpillar  cleverly  sticks  flower  petals  all  along  its  body  length.  This makes it look like a weird, moving flower and would never arouse the attention of its predators. When the petals dry up, they replace them with fresh ones.” 

Katie Bagli has written many books on nature. In each of her books she takes up one element of wildlife, like Mangroves, Bees, Flowers, Insects, etc. and elaborates on them, sharing many fun facts and trivia.

Recently, I read her book Let's Peep Into The Insect World and found it interesting. In this book the author describes variety of insects and gives a short summary on each of them. Each section has beautifully illustrated pictures that show different behaviours of these insects in their natural habitat. Her way of writing helps imagine and understand the insect better.

Two of my favourite chapters are the Emerald Moth Caterpillar and The Big Fat Wedding of the Ants

Have you ever seen hundreds of winged ants flying about, soon after the first Monsoon showers? If so, you have been a witness to their mass wedding. The Worker ants, all females, fuss over the brides and bridegrooms, ensuring they are well fed from the colony larder as they need energy for this auspicious Event. The brides are gently nudged to the tops of leafy pedestals from where they would be taking wing. They are the queens-to-be and have been nurtured by the worker.”

I recommended this book for children who love bugs and insects and would want to know more detailed information on them. This book is also a good way to get familiar with insects and their unique world. 

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Written by Daanya Purohit 
Photos are provided by the Author and taken from the Internet ● Location: Mumbai, India


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